Exploring the Amazon River is probably one of the most rewarding adventures one could embark on.  Originating in the Andes and ending in the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon flows through nine South American countries and flows on a nearly 4,000 mile course.  An Amazon river cruise is certainly an adventure that many should consider to go on and see.  The Amazon is home to wildlife that you’ll never see anywhere else in the world, as well as home to tribes and cultures that you’ll never get the chance to experience again.

The rainforests that the Amazon flows through are home to at least 40,000 species of plants, 427 mammals, 1,300 different birds, 378 reptiles, 400 amphibians , and around 3,000 different kinds of fish. All of these living things call the Amazon home and truly make the journey worth it.  Some specific wildlife that you’ll get the opportunity to encounter up close include gray and pink Amazon river dolphins, red howler and squirrel monkeys and sloths, creatures that you wont even be able to see in North American zoos!  If you’re one that appreciates capturing wildlife through photography, going on this adventure would be great for you as well, as you’ll be able to capture rare species up close and personal.

Embarking on this journey also gives the opportunity to meet and learn from inhabitants of river villages.  While accompanied by your guide, you’ll learn about the local way of life, and the special relationship that the people have with their environment.  Additionally, you’ll get the chance to meet a local shaman who will explain indigenous medicinal plants and watch preparations of a traditional meal, and of course get a chance to taste local food.

While on this journey you’ll be living on a small riverboat that has been socially built for Amazon, outfitted with modern comforts such as air conditioning and internet access.  You’ll also be on this journey with a small group of travelers, as these river ships only have space for roughly 40 guests.  We strongly recommend this adventure, as seeing the Amazon river, the wildlife and the people native to that part of the world is something that a very small group of people can say they have done, and better yet, you will have seen it all from a cruise!

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