After a long summer without travel and littered with restrictions where travel is permitted, the world is beginning to open back up slowly, but surely.  One aspect of reopening we will focus on this week, is the Tasman bubble between New Zealand and Australia.

The bubble has been in works for a while now and has just began.  The advantage of having this bubble is that travelers coming from territories and provinces with low risk and determined not to be a threat of transmission of the virus can travel without any need of quarantine.  This luxury, however, is only for travelers entering Australia, and not for those going into New Zealand.  This means that, as of now, anyone wishing to travel into the country must quarantine for a set number of days, and once that period is completed, they can go as they wish.

This one-way method of travel is currently in place because the government of New Zealand is weary of a spike in positive Covid-19 tests and aren’t willing to take the risk.  Though New Zealand has one of the lowest infection rates in the world, it is understandable why they want to take it slow.

For the rest of the world these quarantine exceptions are not available, but it is a sign that the governments of countries centered around travel and tourism are willing to open their doors more and more.  And for the individuals looking to enter New Zealand without quarantine, it looks like soon these regulations will be lifted.  No matter what way you look at it, the world seems to be reopening and travel is coming back… Hooray!!

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