2020 has brought a lot of hardships and difficulties for everyone in the world.  Whether it’s industrial workers, minimum wage employees, athletes or travel professionals, no matter what the occupation is, we have all experienced change this year.  Covid-19 has not only hurt the world’s economy, or taken the lives of our loved ones, but it has also ruined plans for vacations and trips for thousands of people.  This being said the cruise industry has taken a massive hit and some of your favorite ships have been sold or salvaged, some of your favorite destinations have boarded up their docks, and some of your favorite employees that you’ve had interactions with on your trip have lost their jobs.

You may be asking however, what does that have to do with me?  Well, to put it simply, your future vacations will never be the same.  but if we truly want to see some of our most beloved memories and adventures which we will treasure for a lifetime, be the same for our next generation, its important to resurge this industry once again, and as soon as possible.  This means talk with us, your travel agents to help you book your next cruise, whenever it may be so that our favorite companies can get money flowing again.  It means that we have to be proactive to get our friends and family members interested in looking to go on a cruise.  If we save this industry now, some of our favorite ships, some of our favorite cities and islands, some of our favorite bars and restaurants will be open for years to come and won’t close down due to an illness.

If you are interested in looking to book a cruise, just let us know and we can help you find the perfect option for you and your family.  It is important to know though, that there have been many changes to the industry already, some for example are regular temperature checks, testing required to board the ship, and only being able to disembark the ship at ports where you have an excursion booked.  And if there are any concerns regarding catching Covid-19 while on your trip we can help ensure that these are precautions in place to prevent that from happening.

Are you ready to start planning YOUR next adventure?  Do you want to make a vacation more than a vacation but a Lifetime Treasure?  Contact us and set up a consultation appointment at this link:  https://lttreasures.com/schedule/



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