We’ve all been there, sitting at home after a long shift at either work or on a zoom meeting, reluctantly turning Netflix on for another long night of snacks and movies.  We feel it, and we too are stricken with cabin fever and longing to just get away again.

After months and months of not being able to travel and vacation and enjoy ourselves it is extremely important to go back out and take time to ourselves again.  Not only for our mental states, but for our vacation spots to get revenue flowing once again.

According to research done by the Society for Human Resource Management, the pandemic has made the average workday 48 minutes longer, and now that work is home and home is work for many, it has made it extremely difficult to disengage from the daily grind and recover mentally.  Thus making travel and getting away that much more important.

Another reason why getting back to travel now that the pandemic is winding down is the financial aspects.  We all have our favorite vacation spot and have fond memories of places we’ve been to in the past.  So many vacation spots, resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants have had to lay off workers and even close their doors due to lack of income, and spending money at these locations is vital to keeping them in business and available for years to come.

Are you ready to start planning YOUR next adventure?  Do you want to make a vacation more than a vacation but a Lifetime Treasure?  Contact us and set up a consultation appointment at this link:  https://lttreasures.com/schedule/



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