This past Friday, the volcano on the island of St. Vincent unfortunately erupted, forcing tens of thousands of inhabitants out of their home.  The most recent eruption of the volcano came in April of 1979, and there were no casualties.  After being active since November of 2020, geologists have been studying the volcano, and have been ready to alert the local communities.  Just this past Thursday, Geologist Richard Robertson informed the local government that there could have been an eruption anytime, possibly within days or even hours of when he sent this notification.  After the unfortunate initial eruption, the ash plumes could be seen towering more than 20,000 feet in the air, and multiple explosions have been recorded.

With over 100,000 residents on the island, there has recently been attempts to evacuate them in a timely and safe manner, so that no casualties can take place.  Cruise companies Royal Caribbean and Carnival have sent ships to the island to assist authorities in moving residents to safety.  Friday evening, a total of four ships, the Carnival Legend and Paradise as well as the Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas and the Celebrity Reflection.  The ships are transporting approximately 1500 residents per ship to surrounding islands who have agreed to house the refugees.  The president of Royal Caribbean has recently made a statement on the matter, “Love and huge respect to our crew who, as always, come together in unimaginable ways.  Over the next few days, they’ll be welcoming guests, preparing provisions, and providing medical attention. I am so proud of our team and all the teams behind the scenes from Royal, Celebrity, and Carnival Cruises working day and night to make sure we assist the people of St. Vincent in any way we can.”

Everyone involved in evacuating the residents at risk are heroes in our eyes.  These cruise workers are putting their lives on the line to help saves the lives of people who are in danger of losing their homes and their livelihood.  We salute these workers and wish the best to those who are now suffering due to this unfortunate eruption.

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