Why You Should Book Luxury Cruises

It’s been nearly a year since cruises came to a pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and cruise lovers are still looking towards the industry to resume.  With many companies looking to make a comeback in the coming months, and others not expecting to sail at all in 2021, cruisers can be left feeling confused and lost when looking to book a vacation.  Due to this confusion, today we’ll be talking about why it will be best for you to book a cruise with a luxury brand rather than the typically economical lines that we are all so used to.

To begin, the luxury brands such as Viking, Seabourn, Regent, Crystal and Azamara are pricy, but they’re entirely worth the bill that you’ll end up footing in order to board their ships.  These luxury lines typically have all gratuities included in the up front price, as many lines do nowadays, but your cruise will also include luxuries that you will have to pay extra for on other lines.  These luxuries include spa access, massages, tours when in port, alcoholic beverages, luxury dining and more!  When on lines such as Celebrity or Princess, you’ll end up dishing out so much unexpected cash to be able to get access to some of these special items, cash that is better suited to be spent at your ports of call.  And in regards to the price of these cruise lines, you haven’t been able to spend your cruise budget from last year and you deserve to treat yourself, go for it!

Additionally, these cruise lines typically operate on ships that accommodate a fraction of the passengers that others can, with space for 500 passengers on the higher end.  A reduced passenger occupancy offers so much that many wont even think of prior to their cruise, including but not limited to, relationships with the crew that otherwise you’ll never receive, never ending space on the pool deck, no lines to wait in, reduced chances for illness to spread and even quiet restaurants. All of this alone is reason enough to look into booking a cruise on one of these ‘luxury’ cruse lines.

In summary, booking a cruise on these lines are especially worth it.  From reduced occupancy to an all inclusive experience, this vacation will be unlike any other vacation you’ve been on, and will truly be a trip to remember.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about these amazing opportunities just send us a message on our social media or email us and we would be delighted to help you book the vacation of a lifetime!

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