Where Are the Test Cruises?

Late in 2020 we saw the CDC repeal rules outlawing cruising out of the United States, allowing cruise lines to run test trips in order to refine their new Covid-19 guidelines.  We had been expecting these test runs to start up soon, either by late December or early January, but as of now, there is no optimism within the industry that there will be any test cruises happening any time soon.

So, one question many who signed up for these free test cruises are asking, as well as many travel agents and even those responsible for scheduling these cruises, is what gives?  Well, to put it simply, setting up these test cruises takes time, and also the right environment for them to take place.  Right now, there are multiple factors that we are waiting on that are holding up the process, as we will now cover.

The first and most important reason why there aren’t any test cruises setting sail today, is the fact that the CDC hasn’t given cruise lines the lists and protocols needed to run the business.  One aspect of the compromise that was agreed on that led to returning to open oceans, was that the cruise lines will honor and enforce certain guidelines and protocols with passengers coming aboard in order to stop the spread of the virus.  But these said guidelines haven’t even been given to the companies, and without them ships can’t be outfitted for passengers and crew in a safe manner, thus holding the process up.

The next reason, and the likely reason why the CDC is waiting to give their guidelines, is that they are waiting for the new administration to take office.  It is in the best interest of the cruise lines to wait for the Biden administration to take office because of president elect Biden’s rhetoric regarding shutting the country down once again.  It is possibly costly to begin test cruises then have to come to a complete stop just weeks later once the power has changed hands.  This also makes sense as to why the CDC still hasn’t given their guidelines because they would probably change after Joe Biden takes office.

Lastly, cruising just takes time.  These cruise lines have to organize crew, resources, utilities and so much more while still working with health officials so that everything is done according to protocol and done safely.

Though we don’t have cruises back yet, and even test cruises and taking seemingly forever to even start, it is still right to be excited to get back to vacationing and get back to normal, and even though there aren’t cruises now, there will be soon!  With that being said, we have so many itineraries already available and rooms are getting booked quickly, so if you want to take advantage of wave season and great prices, just let us know and we would love to help you book your next adventure!

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