This week Royal Caribbean announced that they will be ending their cruising hiatus and return to the seas.  This June, on the Adventure of the seas, the cruise line will be offering cruises to the Bahamas and Mexico.  This will be one of the first cruises since the Covid-19 pandemic brought a stoppage to all cruises last March.  Now, over a year later vacationers and cruise lovers can look forward to returning to the open oceans once again, but with a few differences.

First and foremost, the cruise line will be requiring all passengers age 18 and older to have been administered the Covid-19 vaccine, and have proof of such.  Those under the age of 18 must have been tested negative prior to embarking onto the ship.  This requirement will be controversial to many and the cruise line likely expects that they won’t have a full return partly due to it.  What are your opinions on the cruise line requiring the Covid-19 vaccine?  Let us know!

The cruise line still has not determined whether or not they will require passengers to wear face coverings, social distance or only disembark the ship on cruise sponsored excursions, only time will tell with these.  However, you can expect the atmosphere to be completely different aboard the ship, as we are living in a new normal, some of the things you see at home and around your city will likely be carried over onto a cruise ship.

In summary, Royal Caribbean has set the tone for cruise lines to return to business in the coming months.  Not only has Royal Caribbean done so much to work towards this comeback, but also the local governments of both the home ports of these ships and the ports that the ships will visit.  We can only hope that come July there will be more than just one ship cruising and the world can get back to normal.

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