Going on a cruise is a vacation for all, and should be relaxing, fun, entertaining and just an overall great experience. However, hanging out and spending your time in certain places could hinder this quest for unwinding. So this week we will go over some of the best spots on a cruise ship to relax and enjoy yourself and those you’re traveling with.

One of the easiest locations to end up in is the main pool deck. But this spot is not only wear you find yourself but also hundreds of other guests. This crowded and typically loud atmosphere could sometimes hinder your longing for relaxation but also create more stress and frustration. What we suggest here at lifetime treasures, travel and adventure, is when booking look to see if your ship has an adults only pool deck, an adults only spa area which could have some hot tubs, or at the very least, an indoor pool. These locations will pull less crowds and tend to be quieter.

Another location to look out for while booking or while on your cruise adults only lounges or bars. The goal here is to separate yourself from any little ones wandering around with their friends making noise and being obnoxious. You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes. Another tactic to try is to visit some of your favorite spots on the ship during slow hours. Either when in port, midday or after curfew.

The last suggestion we have to make is when booking, be willing to spend the extra cash to book a balcony room. Having a balcony where you can sit out on during sunsets, while in port, or late at night is huge when it comes to getting away from crowds while still getting an credible view. If you’re one who enjoys taking pictures but hate when someone impedes on your perfect shot, having a balcony can be extremely helpful and worthy of the extra cost. And if you’d like to sit out in the sun and come home with a tan but don’t want to show off your immaculate body to everyone on the ship, a balcony can come in handy!

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