If you’re a regular cruiser you’ve probably visited most or all of the Caribbean islands, the Mediterranean, maybe you’ve even experienced a Panama Canal cruise.  These destinations offer incredible itineraries and great opportunities for everyone to enjoy their vacation, but there are still so many great parts of the world where the cruise industry visit, that are definitely worth the time to look into, one of these locations we will talk about today is Norway!

Norway is located north east of the United Kingdom and borders Sweden.  This Scandinavian country doesn’t quite offer the golden beaches and clear waters as the Caribbean, or the wealth and stature that the Mediterranean does, but it does offer certain unique chances that you can only see in several other places in the world.

Some of these unique opportunities include the sights and sounds of Oslo, the capital of the country.  Here, you can visit one of the cities many museums dedicated to the Vikings and their history.  Afterwards, you could take advantage of the scenic landscape and capture some photos to remember your trip by, for there are plenty of panoramic views not far from the city.

Next, we’ll stop at the town of Stavanger, the energy capital of the country and also a gateway to Lysefjord, a Fjord running approximately 20 miles through the country and several municipalities from the town of Stavanger.  This is a beautiful small town, perfect for just a small wander and several photos!

The last town we will talk about today in Norway is Haugesund.  This town is self-proclaimed to be the home of the Viking kings.  If you’d like to find out more about this claim and decide for yourself if it truly is, take an organized excursion or make your way to the Viking village at Avaldsnes.

If you would like to visit Norway, or just find out more regarding a potential cruise, just send us a message, and as always, we would be happy to help!

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