Barbados Beach

Have you ever visited the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados?  Located approximately 40 miles east of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and approximately 400 miles north of Venezuela, Barbados is one of the southernmost Caribbean islands, but also one of the most popular!  During the coronavirus pandemic, Royal Caribbean has been working on a massive project, opening a home port in Barbados.  This home port offers many unique travel opportunities which you should certainly consider!

Since you can now cruise out of this incredible Caribbean island, you can now consider editing your vacation. We would certainly recommend flying into the island early prior to your cruise or flying home late afterwards.  Experiencing the Caribbean culture for an extended period is something everyone should experience.  This island is known for its bright, blue waters, incredible food and impeccable opportunities for everyone.  After seeing this island for a week, you would then embark on a weeklong island-hopping adventure.

This is definitely a trip we would highly recommend, and one we would probably look into for ourselves!  If you would be interested in learning more and pricing out this adventure we would love to help, that’s what were here for!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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