Cozumel, Mexico is a beautiful island situated east of Mexico in the Caribbean, and is a hot spot for cruise ships to stop.  Passengers have enjoyed the island for decades and due to the current pandemic, it may seems the island could become a home to some ships sailing the area.

Recently, the Cozumel mayor has gone on the record saying that Royal Caribbean and the local government has mutual interest in making the small island a home port to a number of the cruise line’s ships.  This is all contingent on if the United States’ current Covid-19 restrictions regarding cruising have not been lifted come May.

Making Cozumel a home port would be big for Royal Caribbean.  If they were able to get started with their normal slate of Caribbean cruises, they would be ahead of their competitors, and would be able to fly in passengers from both the United States and Europe.  Cozumel would be able to benefit from this partnership greatly as well.  The island would go from being not only a cruise destination, but also a cruise hub.  The international airport would become bustling, the taxi companies would see a booming business, and restaurants would be able to recover from the lack of business they endured from the pandemic.

This situation would not only benefit all three parties, Royal Caribbean, Cozumel, as well as the passenger, but would also move the world forward in regards to getting back to normal.  With many countries, including the United States, moving closer and closer to immunization to handle this disease, a return to cruising may be closer than anticipated.  Though it may be exciting to think that cruises may start up in the coming months, it is still important to realize both how far we’ve come as a society in the past year, but also how far we still have to go.

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