The Carnival Mardi Gras is Carnival’s newest ship, and their largest.  The ships name pays homage to their first ever vessel, the TSS Mardi Gras.  This ship was first launched in 1960 under the name, RMS Empress of Canada.  It was later purchased and relaunched by the new cruising company, Carnival in 1972.  This ship went on to sail for the company for 20 years before being decommissioned in favor of newer and more efficient vessels.  The original Mardi Gras was viewed by the company, crew and cruise goers alike, as a trail blazer in the industry.  Before Carnival came onto the scene, the cruise industry was viewed by most as high-end, posh vacation venture, unattainable for white collar individuals.  But what Carnival had set out to do was to change this stereotype and bring a new audience to the industry.  To say the least, the company was successful with this endeavor.  The Carnival Corporation is now comprised of 9 separate cruise lines, and operating a total of 87 ships.  The company also offers cruises to approximately 85% of the world.  The company didn’t only succeed with their goal but they completely changed the entire landscape of cruising into what we know today!

But what does this all have to do with the new cruise ship which should be hauling passengers later this year?  Well, the company is setting out on a new mission just like they did back in 1972.  This mission is to create a new environment within cruising, one that is meant for the whole family.  One where you can spend time at the roller coaster (yes, there is a roller coaster on this ship) during the day, then enjoy a five star meal with your special someone in a high end restaurant on the lower decks.  The company has also set out to normalize cruising, making it easier for kids of all ages to enjoy their time on the ship and never want to leave.

Some key features to this ship include the roller coaster on board, family feud, plenty of spacious bars for the adults, a full blown waterpark for the little ones, serenity, the adults only retreat, cloud 9 spa and more!  This ship offers more than any other out there on the waters today.  They also offer refreshed staterooms with themes throughout the ship.  Whether you want to stay in a room themed for a fall NewEngland getaway, or a cloud 9 spa experience, this ship has literally everything.  They offer various menus with incredible new foods never before seen on Carnival ships, and many more amenities you’ll just have to see and experience for yourself!

The Mardis Gras is expected to start cruises later in 2021.  Her sister ship, Celebration, is expected to be delivered next year, in 2022, and should start sailing that same year.  If you are interested in sailing aboard one of these incredibly modern ships, just contact us and we would love to assist you in booking your next cruise!

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