When booking a cruise, its important to do your research on the ports you’re interested in, and blueprint a plan for what you’ll be doing there. This is a plan many people do, and is one of the most exciting parts of cruising as a whole. Some components to a great port city and destination is the areas history, convenience, photo opportunity, and food and drink options.

One of the most popular ports in Europe is Valletta, Malta. This city is the capital of the small island of Malta located just south of Sicily. For photo enthusiasts there are spectacular views of medieval fortresses that line the harbor, and with a short walk you can head over to the St. John co-cathedral. Afterward, tour the Grand Masters palace located on palace square. There are many exciting things to do at this small island and bustling city, that it would make for an exciting adventure for your day at port.

Another option is Portofino, Italy. Portofino is a tiny town with spectacular views. Nestled in a cove overlooking the Mediterranean, this little city will make for some incredible photos. The largest major city is Genoa where your ship may dock. Though you may have to take a quick shuttle to the small town, it is definitely worth the trek. After making it to the city, we suggest taking the 3 mile scenic overlook path between the two cities.

The last city we will suggest to add to your ext itinerary is Venice, Italy. One of the most popular cities in all of Europe, mainly known for being canal laden and that buses, cars, and taxis aren’t allowed. Venice is quite incredible, not only for its canal system, but also for its history. Another part of this city to look out for is the many opportunities to grab a great bite to eat.

Europe is one of the most beautiful and cruise friendly continents there are, providing many opportunities for incredible pictures, learning about history, and eating great food. If you would like to get the chance to set sail to one of these destinations listed here, or anywhere else in the world, just let u know and we can help you book your next cruise.

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