Formula one racing has been an influence on the automotive scene for decades.  The sport is a combination of speed, power, strategy and most of all, drama.  The racing series has been around for nearly 100 years, and has races taking place in five continents, visiting dozens of countries.  From the United States to Australia and from the United Kingdom to Japan, the series has been everywhere, and has attracted fans from all corners of the earth.  Recently, cruise lines have found a way to take advantage of this multi billion dollar sport; by sending cruises to the races, giving passengers the opportunity to step off the ship and walk right to the grand stands to watch million dollar cars go around a circuit pushing speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour.

One of these cruise lines include Crystal Cruises.  Crystal offers deals for the Monaco Grand Prix, ranging from roughly $1600 per person to over $15,000 per person.  The base package includes the opportunity to step off the ship and sit in one of the higher grand stands.  Taking this option will give both the casual and new fans of the sport the chance to see a Grand Prix in person, and better yet, while you’re on a cruise!  The more expensive option however, includes better seats, and the chance to visit the Automobile Club of Monaco, the home of the group which is to thank for bringing the sport to the small country back in 1929.  Passengers selecting this more inclusive option will also gain access to the Belvedere VIP area with seats at the top of grandstand L.  They’ll receive a cold buffet which includes champagne as well as access to a visit to the pit lane to see these magnificent cars up close.  And lastly, the top spenders aboard the cruise will get all of this as well as a seat at the Gala dinner, an event attended by the winning drivers, and also possibly the Prince of Monaco.  After the Gala your night will end with over-the-top entertainment, live music, dancing and fireworks, a truly once in a lifetime experience.  Though this event will cost you thousands of more dollars, it is worth it considering what you will get the chance to experience.  And if all of this Grand Prix excitement just isn’t for you, you will still be able to participate in the intimate and immersive Monaco yacht party experience, this is because the Crystal Esprit, a 60 passenger ship, is much smaller than the ships which other cruise lines will be running to Monaco, giving you the chance to get up close and personal with the massive party that takes place in Monaco’s harbor.

Monaco is one of the greatest locations on earth for all types of people.  Whether you’re one who wants to party, one who wants to lay on the beach and collect some sun, or one who is interested in the biggest sporting event that the country hosts, you are destined to find something to do, and something that you’ll remember for the rest of you’re life.  If I could just leave you with one statement, it would be, “Monaco awaits.”

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