He loves travel plans. What can go wrong, will go wrong, at the worst possible time, in a remote location, and a far distant time zone.

Tell Murphy to go find another traveler, and another trip, because Lifetime Treasures, Travel and Adventure is on the case. Our travel planning professional knows Murphy’s tricks. We can plan for and avoid the obvious travel pitfalls that ensnare even the most experienced traveler, in a rapidly changing world. You can feel confident in the plans prepared by Lifetime Treasures, Travel and Adventures, and let go of worry, frustration, and uncertainty. You will NOT be missing out because the hidden treasures found in every destination will be on the menu and offered by your travel planning professional.

Your next amazing travel treasure starts with delicious anticipation of what is to come. On that day when you begin your new adventure, you will be cared for, and your needs anticipated. You will be able to concentrate on enjoying yourself and having experiences that will turn into Lifetime Treasures. The best part is when you come back and your friend asks you in an elevator, “how was your trip?” By the time you finish telling that friend about your trip, they are ready to leave tomorrow and join in the incredible experiences that are possible.

If you are ready to put Murphy in your past, contact Lifetime Treasures, Travel and Adventures. Let us begin planning your next adventure today.


Anticipation, Adventure, Adrenaline

These are some of the hallmarks that make us feel more alive. Finding those adventures or expeditions makes the days of dreary sameness seem to be bearable.

Lifetime Treasures – Travel and Adventure understands and wants to find the Adventure you can Anticipate and prepare for, over and over again in your mind. We take care of all the arrangements, all you have to do is to show up, and be ready to interact with the penguins.


Cruising is about more than letting somebody else do all the work. It’s about finding new and exiting places, experiencing new and delighting tastes and smells. It’s about making friends, and seeing the world in all it’s splendor


Life doesn’t end when the adventure is over. It just begins. From the car service with uniformed chauffeur, to the first class flight, to the gourmet meal, and world class wine. Everything falls in place to compliment and add to the adventure and luxury of the moment.

Life Should be an Adventure

The Steps to Your Adventure

Step 1


After a brief consultation, where we gather the rough outline of your desires, pay the planning fee and schedule the in depth travel design meeting.

Step 2


We scour the available travel options and come up with an itinerary to delight you and exceed your expectations

Step 3


You give us the go ahead and sit back while we do the work to book all aspects of your travel.  Air, Ground, Cruise, Tour, Rooms, and the little special extras that really make an Adventure a Lifetime Treasure

Step 4


This part is all you.  Live the Adventure we planned together.  See the sights, smell the smells, taste the tastes.  Make friends, do something that few others get to.

Step 5


Call us and share the experience.  Let us know what worked, and what didn’t.  We want to hear your stories and live the experiences through you.

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